I haven’t used these domains in a long time. I am now 3 years into college and I am pursuing my dreams to get a degree. I have been incredibly busy and lazy to update my websites. But I do have the burning desire to actually use my domains and such. I was thinking about just combining all of my domains into one blog. I don’t think I need to seperate my life anymore. I don’t mind anymore about who I am and don’t need to seperate myself and my hobbies.


Currently, with the anime industry rising along with advancing technology we have today, watching anime in the United States is fairly easy. I’ve been watching the majority of the anime I ever watched online, legally, for more than a year now. Although many people prefer to watch anime for free, many services (free or paid) for watching anime are worth it. As I do live in the United States, I can only write this towards the U.S audience, so readers who live in other countries, services may differ.

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